Technical translation price

Benevox charges the price for translated words and offers great discounts for terms matching and repeated fragments. We do not count digits, punctuation characters, and spaces.

Translation Memory technology employed by Benevox enables saving up to 75% for further documents. The more documents of yours we translate, the more fragments and terms are stored in the Translation Memory, the less translation service price you get, and the faster is the translation process. The price is calculated by specialist software. Therefore, we need to receive a document to make accurate calculation.

Technical translation

Price per word of technical translation to Russian, RUB including 18% VAT:

Language  translation, editing and proofreading, EUR
English 0.06
Spanish 0,07
Italian 0,07
Chinese (per hieroglyph) 0.07
German 0,06
Language  translation, editing and proofreading, EUR
Polish 0,08
Finnish 0,09
French 0,06
Swedish 0,09

Discounts for matching:
100% match – 75% discount
85-99% match – 25% discount

Other discounts for translations:
10% discount for your first order