Benevox is your professional interpreter!

Are you planning important business negotiations with foreign partners, participating in the exhibition, or organizing training of a staff not speaking your mother tongue? BENEVOX undertakes the whole range of language support services. Simultaneous interpreting - from whispered interpreting to putting together and administering the groups of simultaneous interpreters for prominent international events, from on-the-phone interpreting to personal confidential meeting. Our extensive pool of talented specialists enables involvement of translation residing and working worldwide.

Price of interpreting services

Interpreting service price depends on the whole range of factors, such as: translation type, language pair, translation topic, venue, format of event, and is calculated for each order individually considering any of client's wishes.

Interpreting types

All interpreting types for clients' convenience!

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting with use of specialist equipment is an ideal option for large-scale events with great number of participants, where each listener is able to hear the translation conveyed simultaneously with the speech. Such interpreting requires at least two interpreters, working in turns in a special booth. Translation is transmitted by means of specialist equipment via the earphones provided to the attendees. Our technical experts are always available to prepare your conference hall, arrange and install the required equipment.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is provided by one interpreter during the pauses in the speech. With our consecutive interpreters you will be able to smoothly communicate with your partner at a highly professional level and be sure in translation accuracy and timeliness. We always guarantee punctuality and relevant appearance of the invited interpreter.

Technical interpreting

It is not so easy to find an interpreter you will be 100% sure in. To find a specialist familiar with industry-specific terminology is even more difficult. For long years of experience in sophisticated technical translations, we have created a pool of interpreters specializing in certain industry projects, and today we are ready to find the right person, able to convey relevant information in technical language comprehensible by a specialist.

Guide interpreters in Russia

Personal guide interpreters (English, German, French, etc.) will assist you in your Russian tour and help really discover the country. First-class and well-reputed Benevox specialists will help you plan and give you various tours.

Online interpreters

We provide any language support for your negotiations via Skype or other online service.

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