Software localization: professional localization of websites, software and games!

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Do you need proficient translation and localization of a software, interface or website? Don't rush into doing it yourself with a dictionary. Ask native speakers to do this job and get the guaranteed high-quality translation of a website to Russian or localized software interface just for a couple of days.


BENEVOX knows everything about localization!!

Localization process involves a great deal of tasks:

  • software translation to Russian (including interface, pop-up tips, descriptions, messages, etc.),
  • alignment of each interface element display after translation,;
  • selection of accurate word form comprehensible by the software target audience,;
  • modification of date formats, numeric data, currency, phone codes, etc,
  • translation of PDF files, supporting documents, manuals and commercial brochures of any type,.
  • overall support of localized versions after their release.

The company's experts will create supplements, updates and modifications, to maintain the product up-to-date for a long period.

When localizing the computer games, we further work through:

  • translation of dialogues, names of objects, captions;
  • adaptation of images with their translation to Russian;
  • patterns and graphical arts.

At the end of this process, BENEVOX experts will engage the first-class cast to voice over audio tracks and integrate all processed elements into your computer game.


BENEVOX guarantees the comprehensive approach to creation of first-class localized versions. We have expertise in:

  • commercial products of any type, making them a real brand;
  • corporate software and accounting systems;
  • sophisticated presentations.

Our staff will elaborate all e-catalogues, databases and help-systems and transform them into appropriate guideline for the employees.