International translation company Benevox has been focusing on technical translation into Russian and from Russian for over 10 years. The company provides services for technical translation, consecutive and simultaneous interpreting, and localization of audio and video products.

Technical translation comprises translation of technical texts: manuals, guidelines, flow charts, designs, specifications, booklets, and other types of documents.

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Technical translation process, tuned after so many years, includes:

Technical translation cases

Cases of translation from English to Russian, including page-making following original layout:

Technical translation price

Benevox charges the price for translated words and offers great discounts for terms matching and repeated fragments. We do not count digits, punctuation characters, and spaces.

Translation Memory technology employed by Benevox enables saving up to 75% for further documents. The more documents of yours we translate, the more fragments and terms are stored in the Translation Memory, the less translation service price you get, and the faster is the translation process. The price is calculated by specialist software. Therefore, we need to receive a document to make accurate calculation.

Technical translation

Our background in technical translation

Benevox has a wealth of experience in technical translation in a wide range of industries. More

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